Tweakend Master Class: Space Odyssey

Tweakend Master Class: Space Odyssey

This tutorial takes you through the basic process I used while making the Just Play: Origins Album cover. The basic inspiration of the piece is 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Tweakend Master Class: Techno Demon

Tweakend Master Class: Techno Demon

I wanted to do something in the style of 90’s PC Box art. The final result looks like a combination of System Shock 2 and Doom. In the tutorial I take you from start to finish through the design process. The techniques used include everything from artistic use of the liquify tool to layer styles and adjustment layers.

Inspirations:  Giant Robots Attack!

Inspirations: Giant Robots Attack!

Robots are always better when they’re bigger…or at least they were when I was 8. The force it would take to move a pinky on these giant robots could power Milwaukee for a day. They are so impractically big, the friction from their limbs moving would create a sound that would blow your ear drums out, and as their massive metal feet hit the ground the earth would tremble with a quake that would bring cities to the floor. Okay, enough with the hyperbole. Enjoy the art.

Giant Robot Concept Art

Ground Shaking Giant Robot Concept Art

Pensive Robot at Rest by Mikhail Rakhmatullin

Giant Robot Snowboarding Causing an AvalancheBroken down giant 50's style robot


Inspirations: Sentient Cyborgs

Inspirations: Sentient Cyborgs

Google Glass might not have been the immediate success it was expected to be, but it is a sign of the way things are going. We are slowly integrating with machines and I’m not talking about your voice activated cell phone pal Siri. We can control planes with our brains, and make artificial limbs that respond to nerve impulses. As the Human/Machine Interface continues to evolve it makes one wonder: What will the world look like when sentient cyborgs walk the street?

Mantis Shaped Cyborg Head on a Flesh and Bone Body

Ghost in the Shell Style Concept Art

Eery Cyborg Concept Art

Cyberdroid Police

Expandable Hardrive for a Head on this Sentient Cyborg


Inspirations: Mechanical Robots

Inspirations: Mechanical Robots

We’ve been tinkering with robots for a long time, maybe since the 50’s or something. But trying to recreate and improve ourselves goes back to the dawn of consciousness. Right next to the invention of the wheel went the often over looked invention of the doll. Inside these hollow vessels we poor the dreams and expectations for our own lives. One only has to look at a child parenting a cabbage patch doll or staging an action figure to understand that this need is intrinsic to our nature. The rise of the mechanical robots is no different. Did these artists find inspiration in their robots or was the inspiration theirs?

Walking Tank Robot Art

Walking Tank-like Robot in a Jungle Setting

Giant Undewater Robot

Agile Humanoid Robot

Gypsy Danger Concept Art from Pacific RIm