Welcome to blueShift Episode 1: Mutant Octopuses Attack! This podcast aims to prove science is not some unreachable ideal. Thankfully, it’s not some sacred artifact carefully guarded by a class of elites but is, in fact, the most accessible tool we have for understanding the world. Thanks for joining us, as we attempt to make sense of expert material with untrained minds.In this inaugural episode, we explore what Mike

In this inaugural episode, we explore what Mike P refers to as mutant octopuses, the brave new world of soft matter, how science is misappropriated in advertising, and what Mike M calls the pseudoscience of skinny.

Mutant Octopuses

Turns out cephalopods (octopuses included), can edit their RNA on the fly. This has some interesting implications for the role of DNA in these highly adaptable creatures. Mike² wonder how selfish RNA can be.

Is it time to move on from the selfish gene and do these “mutant octopuses,” pose a problem for the seminal book’s main theses?

Hard Talk about Soft Matter

In between the atom and structured matter less understood realm of soft matter. If it’s squishy, chances are its soft matter. This is only the first episode and Mike² are already realizing how little they know about the world.

Science Says


Science says a lot. One of Mike P’s pet peeves is headlines that use the phrase Science Says to drive clicks. They often don amazing titles like Science Says Chocolate Can Make You Lose Weight. These articles are mostly filled with junk science and are fraught with confirmation bias. Find out what “Science Says,” about anxiety in this episode.

The Pseudo-science of Skinny

Dietary health appears to attract the crazies. Mike M absolutely destroys the best-selling book, The Science of Skinny and takes its essentialism who-ha to the mat, dismantling it limb by limb.


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